We are so excited to announce our very first collaboration between “Ark Gate Films” and “Toronto Film School” will be a short film Festival named Norouz Film Festival.
The festival will be held on the Toronto Film School campus in April 2022.
We will have a one day workshop that helps you to make a short film for this festival .

This workshop is designed to help selected applicants in two categories of acting and filmmaking to create a short film qualified for Norouz short film festival.

1. The workshop for the Ark Gate films and Toronto Film festival will be a one day filmmaking workshop.
2. Selected filmmakers need to send their scripts by March 3rd.
2. Selected filmmakers need to have high quality cellphones for making the short film.
3. All films will be created under Abdolreza Kahani’s supervision.
4. The workshop takes place on Ark Gate films campus located at 18 Mill street Thornhill , L4J8C5.
5. Registration deadline: March 3rd
6. Workshop date: March 6th from 9 am-5 pm.
7.Film editing will be separate from the proposed packages.

8. Registration fee for online is 250$ and for filmmaking is 350$.

+1 647 781 9747 (what’s app)