Abdolreza Kahani has finished filming his new movie ‘We Like You Mrs. Yaya’ in Thailand.
A joint production of Iran and Thailand, the movie has been fully shot in the South Asian state with a mixed cast and crew from the two countries, Cinetmag.com reported.
This is not the first time Kahani has directed a film abroad. In 2014, he made ‘We’ve Got Time’ in France. However, the French-set movie as well as Kahani’s last film ‘Delighted’ (2016) have not yet been screened in Iran and still wait for permits to be issued by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.
The story has not been revealed yet but the few screenshots suggest that it follows the same path Kahani has taken in his recent films, dealing with social issues in a humorous way.
Well-known Iranian actors Reza Attaran, Hamid Farrokhnejad, and Amin Hayai and the Thai actress Nitaya Chaisri play the lead roles.

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