By Abdolreza Kahani
with the presence of the actors and crew
This movie will be broadcast from the first of August on the KARIZCINEMA platform, which is available all around the world.

Opening ceremony July 29th schedule:
1- Photo call, Networking, Appetizersat 7pm
2. Introducing the film and the Sponsores
3- Screening “YOU WON’T SEE WINTER” by Abdolreza Kahani 9pm- 10:30pm

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Special Thanks to: Asal Matin-Sadeghy
Sales Representative , Soltanian Real Estate Inc., Brokerage

Location: 18 Mill St,Thornhill ON L4J 8C5 , Canada
Parking: There is absolutely NO PARKING SPOT outside of the venue. You need to park in public parking on old Yonge next to the Thornhill park and tennis court . There is 3 min walk from public parking to the venue.