“We’ve Got Time”, a French film of Abdolreza Kahani, will be showed in the independent forum competition by the Karlovy Vary film festival. This movie has been shot in France and the story is about an Iranian student whose name is Emad and his relationship with a French girl, Caroline. After the success of Kahani in the last Karlovy Vary film festival with the film of “Twenty” (Bist), the script of “We’ve Got Time” has written by this festival’s support and this movie will be showed for two times in the festival.

There are a number of leading movies in the festival this year such as “Boyhood” from Richard Linklater, “Timbuktu” directed by Abderrahmane Sissako, “Stray Dogs” directed by Tsai Ming Liang, “Still the Water” directed by Naomi Kawase, “Mommy” directed by Xavier Dolan, “Misunderstood” directed by Asia Argento and “Leviathan” directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev, which have been screened infamous festivals in this year, are present in the Horizons section of the festival’s program.
This is one of the high-rank film festivals around the world and it has four main competition sections such as official selection competition, east of the west competition, forum of independents competition and documentary competition and also the festival provides four subsidiary sections such as horizons, out of competition, another view and special events.

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